PAPA on The Justice Hour radio talk show discussing medication-induced homicides

PAPA Co-Founder Andrew Thibault on The Justice Hour radio show discussing FDA reports of medication-linked homicides. Mr. Thibault explains the modern drug approval process, which has led to experimentation with new drugs on a national scale. Coaxing adverse event data from the post-marketing drug surveillance system known as MedWatch, he identified hundreds of reports of homicide or murder as a drug reaction.

PAPA member Mark Marrinan also shares about the tragic loss of his son Shane, who started taking Celexa and Xanax a few weeks before ending his life violently.

Later in the program, David Carmichael recounts how Paxil drove him to kill his son Ian. Mr. Carmichael, who has no criminal record after being found not responsible in his son's death, has become an outspoken advocate raising awareness about the hidden dangers of antidepressants. He is suing drug manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline.

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