Boy Interrupted

Tragic story of Evan Scott Perry who committed suicide at 15 years old in 2005.  Psychiatrist Ladd Spiegel, M.D. reportedly diagnosed him with depression at age 5, then started him on Prozac at 7 years old.  Prozac (fluoxetine) now bears an FDA black box warning about increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior in children, adolescents, and young adults.  Dr. Spiegel described Evan as "having demons inside him" and "the scariest kid I ever saw in my life."  Relatives described him as being in a fugue state, with a slackening face on the medication.  After threatening to jump off the school roof, he was admitted to Four Winds, where he was diagnosed with Bipolar Depression and put on Depakote.  Relatives said he "seemed really doped up" on Depakote.  According to the FDA, Depakote doubles suicide risk when compared to placebo.  Relatives said Evan was "out of it" and "I really attributed it to the drugs."  Tragically, Evan's uncle Scott Perry also committed suicide at age 22.  His former girlfriend said he was also taking medication and seeing a psychiatrist.    

The Wall

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