Alphabet Kids: Diagnosis in the Classroom

"Alphabet Kids: Diagnosis in the Classroom," a documentary film directed by Andrew Thibault, exposes the growing trend in Florida public schools of targeting students who are under-performing academically for mental health diagnosis and psychotropic drugging.

A teacher turned whistleblower gives parents an inside look at what is going on in Florida's public schools. The teacher recounts top-down directives from school administrators to teachers, persistent harassment of parents who refuse to bring their child to a pediatrician for diagnosis and medication, pediatricians who diagnose and medicate kids based solely on the contents of a parent conference form, fudging answers on behavior rating scales to obtain a desired diagnosis, threatening parents that their child will be placed in a behavioral unit for emotionally disabled children if they refuse to medicate, etc.

What is perhaps most shocking to learn is that these strong-arm tactics are employed not to benefit students in need of mental health care or psychiatric drugs, but rather teachers struggling to adapt to new demands placed on them arising from the introduction of performance-based pay in the public school system.

Anthony Kowalczyk tells the story of how Florida school officials and child protective services twisted his arm to put his son Tyler back on ADHD medication, despite multiple side effects Tyler had already suffered. Threatened with losing custody of Tyler if he did not comply, Anthony put his son back on the drugs. Tyler died shortly thereafter with an enlarged heart, a symptom associated with stimulant use.

Parents Against Pharmaceutical Abuse (PAPA) is a parent movement whose goal is to combat over-diagnosis and over-medication of psychiatric disorders in children.

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