The Real Reason For Not Releasing Adam Lanza's Psychiatric Drugging History

Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Attorney Patrick Kwanashie on why the office will not release Adam Lanza's psychiatric drugging history: "No matter how the outcome of the use of antidepressants or the causal link between the use of antidepressants and the kind of violence that took place in Newtown, that's not a legitimate use of information, that information. You can't generalize just from one case. Even if you can conclusively establish that Adam Lanza, his murderous actions were caused by antidepressants, you can't logically conclude that, you know, others would commit the same actions as a result of taking antidepressants. So it's simply not legitimate, and not only is it not the use to which they are proposing to put the information, not legitimate, it is harmful, because then you can cause a lot of people, um, to stop taking their medications, stop cooperating with their treating physicians, just because of the heinousness of what Adam Lanza did."

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Aug 18 '14
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