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  • Colorado Mom Loses Medically Kidnapped Son’s Childhood – Now Reveals State Corruption
    When 6 year old Samuel Mitchell had difficulties in school stemming from a brain injury at birth, his mother sought help. Eventually, Child Protective Services
    May 24 '16
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    Jun 1 '16
    prayers go out for you Lisa, good to hear your fighting the good fight for your son. if enough people call the governor he can release prisoners like they did for justina pelletier, it took a break of national news and other big main stream media to help in that case, very hard to do now. Of course it shouldnt be that hard , because for the state to hold child from a parent when there is no danger is unconstitutional, the courts are operating not as they were designed. Theres a man in colorado that may be able to help by doing a Habeas corpus , to get your son freed from prison, ,,, his contact name is Bruce Doucette, he goes by judge bruce doucette but I dont know if he is really a judge, his phone is 303) 435-4902.....let me know if can do anything for you.
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