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    Drugging Foster Children We’ve known for a long time that children are being overly medicated in foster care. State lawmakers seem very resistant to making laws to prevent this, probably because of pressure from the pharmaceutical industry. Meanwhile thousands of children are mentally injured by psychotropic drugs after being placed in “chemical restraints” to control and subdue them. Recently – just last April – a drugged seven-year-old foster child in Florida took his own life, and once again the spotlight is on this issue. Florida legislators, feeling the heat, are making the motions to do something about this. I looked through the FightCPS archives and found the same issue discussed in the news in 2001 and 2004, in Florida. They didn’t do anything about it then. What makes anyone think they’ll do it now? I’ve had this issue bubbling under the surface of my usually calm demeanor for many months. Make that years. Well.. today I let it out. I compiled my research, found numerous YouTube videos exposing the matter, and put it all on one page, which you’re now welcome to visit: Drugging Foster Children
    Mar 5 '14
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    Mar 1 '14
    DCF/CPS abuse of foster kids with psychotropics must stop. Together, we can make a change. These kids need a voice. We should take Gottstein's lead...
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    Alternatives to ADHD Medications
    This forum is to discuss alternatives to ADHD medications.
    Forrest Cunningham
    Broken educational system? Think it's bad now? I have two words. Common Core. Just wait for that to ...
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    ADHD and Schools
    Has your child's school informed you that your child has ADHD?  Has your child's school told you that your child needs to be on meds?  Do yo...
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    I shut it down concerning MY family. The school district is still secretly approaching families with...
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  • ADHD does not exist, a new book says - The Washington Post
    We’ve been looking at symptoms, not causes, he says, which could be indications of many other illnesses.
    Feb 19 '14
    What is going to take for this incredible story and truth to reach national attention in order for it to stop???!! Our children are at risk and continued diagnoses which almost always result with medications are increasing. The danger is enormous and Pharma continues its incorrigible relationships.
    Feb 23 '14
    I am willing to subject my family to the to the public media concerning our true first hand experience. At this website, , you will see what 4 school employees tried to pull on me as I sat across the table from them. They failed. 5 years later my son's success is fit for a book. I am very public in my community about the school districts behaviors toward us and others. I have much more info that will come out in the future. The forum and website that I am now on has my full support. I am thankful to see more people becoming aware of the perversion being sold to the public. These are little kids. I have no compassion for anyone trying to force this agenda on them. None. I long for the day that they are incarcerated for this type of behavior. I would fully support that.
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    Adverse Effects of ADHD Medications
    This forum is to discuss adverse effects of ADHD medications.
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    Go to any amphetamine detox or rehab website. You will many times see the symptoms of addiction and ...
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