• “ The Quest To Save My Son”

    It’s has been awhile since I have posted . I have been licking my wounds from a royal ass (court system) whipping I received and a financial exhausting drain of everything I have saved in the court exhausting battle(s). That have stretched out over the last two and half years. I have spent over 6 digits of my hard earned income fighting an corrupt court system. I’m not here in pursuit of anyone’s pity. Should logical common sense prevailed. I would have triumphed. And in turn achieve the goal to save my son from being forced psychostimulant drugs. Which is against his and my (the father’s) will. My story is lengthy and I would like to share some details and to also help aid any parent who suffers from the same forced treatment I and my son are receiving. I will do my best to post weekly with factual asserts of my experiences down the forced (without the parent consent) psychostimulant lane…

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    Jun 1 '14
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    Jun 2 '14
    I hear you Mike, im in the same quest, have not gone to court yet but it will problaby go there.May your story be heard by many and although the battle was lost will pray you win the war.
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