Pharmabuse: ADHD Over-Diagnosis and the Doping of America's Kids

Pharmabuse, the documentary, features interviews of Dr. Richard Saul (author, "ADHD Does Not Exist"), Dr. Peter Breggin (author, "Talking Back to Ritalin"), Dr. Derrick Clunis, and Dr. Frank Walton, among others. Hear what the experts have to say about whether Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) exists as a bona fide condition or just symptoms; what underlying conditions can cause ADHD-like symptoms; the tendency of doctors to hastily diagnose and prescribe drugs for ADHD; the role of schools in pushing for the ADHD diagnosis and medication of students; the efficacy of ADHD drugs; the adverse effects of psycho-stimulant medications prescribed for ADHD; the alternatives to ADHD drugs; and the social impact of our nation's pill-popping obsession. Do you have a story about ADHD drugs that you would like to share? Log on to to share your video or blog testimonial with others.