Pharmabuse's Links

Study: Children diagnosed w/ ADHD who received early behavior therapy first had better outcomes than children who receiv... More
Op-Ed by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof about Andrew Francesco, and corporate greed.
NYT article about a new analysis published in the BMJ of an old Paxil study.
One doctor who conducted a study for the Sanofi drug Ketek is in prison for faking results.  Another doctor who con... More
How FDA threatened Dr. Andrew Mosholder with an internal investigation and disciplinary proceedings to silence his findi... More
PAPA Co-Founder draws attention to emerging temporal link between psychotropic medications and mass shootings.
Toxicology confirms mass murderer Bradley Stone was on the antidepressant Trazodone and the antipsychotic Risperdal (Ris... More
Think the teachers and administrators in your school district wouldn't push for an ADHD diagnosis and medication if it g... More
It's official.  Elliot Rodger was on alprazolam at the time of murder-suicide rampage. p. 58
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