Pharmabuse's Links

Kendrex J. White allegedly went on a stabbing spree on UT Austin campus. Last month he told cops he was on 'Happy Pills'... More
Journal concealed from public/media that people diagnosed with ADHD have higher IQ's, among other notable omissions.&nbs... More
Lebanon OH City schools pressured parents Christian and Katie Maple to bring their child to the doctor to be diagnosed w... More
16% investigators admit changing clinical trial design, methodology, results, etc. under pressure from study sponsor.
Op-Ed in Baltimore Sun by Loyola professor
FL Supreme Court rules doctor can be sued for malpractice in Lexapro-linked suicide.
Mad in America and PAPA expose FDA cover-up of link between psychotropic drugs and homicide.
CDC says 75% of children under 6 years old in the US are medicated, mostly with stimulants, recommends behavior therapy ... More
Taiwan study shows ADHD really stands for August Date Hikes Diagnosis. Kids born in August more likely to be diagnosed, ... More
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