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Pharmabuse Feb 15 '14
This forum is to discuss alternatives to ADHD medications.
Forrest Cunningham Feb 25 '14
I know there are some that will bristle at what I am going to say. We will just have to "agree to disagree". I used to entertain the notion that there was a small possibility of the existance of alleged ADHD. I no longer doubt that it is nonexistent. This comes from my research on the topic conducted over the span of several years and also personal contact with families that bought into the whole concept and those that did not. Alternatives to meds are helping to feed the mythos. I view it much like the Bigfoot hunters who are on tv. They never find a Bigfoot but, they are getting a paycheck and selling hats and t-shirts. People that sell alternatives to meds aren't necessarily dishonest. They just may not have come to the conclusion that I have yet. Just as I'm sure there are people that really believe in Bigfoots existance. ADHD is the "Bigfoot" of modern medicine. Big Pharma is selling a type of "Bigfoot Repellent". They then argue that it works because the people that take it aren't molested by any Bigfoot. I am sure that P.T. Barnum would be a part of this ADHD industry if alive today.
Pharmabuse Feb 25 '14
Forrest, very good points.  You're probably right that this is a PC topic that fuels the myth.  How about these alternatives: good parenting, structure, routine, fix the broken educational system, etc.
Forrest Cunningham Feb 25 '14
Thank you. Here is the problem I see with the line of questioning. All of your alternatives mentioned above make sense IF THERE IS A PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. In our case our son was not experiencing any problems. The assertions made by the school employees mysteriously happened ONLY when our son was in their care and no one elses. In all other environments, such as the home, sports activities, after school care, etc. there was nothing to even remotely validate the schools reports. When we questioned the school  more deeply, as to how they came upon their observations, they acted deeply offended that we did not just run with their observations and trust them. You see, there doesn't even need to be a problem with a child's behavior or performance for you to be approached. When blindsided with this agenda many parents roll over after being  asked to "do what is best for the child's future development". It is a sick, twisted "used car sales pitch" from a script. Talk to enough parents who get approached and see if you don't walk away thinking it is all scripted.
Forrest Cunningham Feb 25 '14
Broken educational system? Think it's bad now? I have two words. Common Core. Just wait for that to take full effect! The drugging  is part of a bigger dumbing down indoctrination process being conducted right now. Parents need to do spend a little more time looking at what their kids are being taught and see what they come away with. We left public school in part due to the frequent incompetence we witnessed at the classroom level. I have personal friends that are teachers. They are good people. There is no shortage of bad teachers though.
Pharmabuse Mar 4 '14
I think you're on to something here, Forrest.  Performance based pay in schools may be a factor as well.  If the schools can label the bottom of the class as ADHD, they can have those kids excluded from the school's performance grade, and/or let those kids have extra time to take standardized tests, etc.