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Pharmabuse Feb 15 '14
This forum is to discuss adverse effects of ADHD medications.
Forrest Cunningham Feb 23 '14
Go to any amphetamine detox or rehab website. You will many times see the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal listed. Some specifically name ADHD meds as causes of amphetamine addiction. If you compare the addiction/withdrawal symptoms listed for amphetamines and the diagnostic criteria for alleged ADHD you may be in for a surprise. The diagnostic criteria is listed here at . Compare the lists and see for yourself what many don't take the time to find out. There is also a commercial airing recently reporting a class action lawsuit against a drug manufacturer. Seems a drug commonly prescribed for alleged ADHD has caused some young males to develop breasts. Name of the drug eludes me presently. Point being an ADHD drug doesn't have to be amphetamine based to damage the health of a little boy.
Pharmabuse Feb 24 '14
Forrest, I think the ADHD drug you're referring to is Risperdal, manufactured by Janssen.  Apparently, the only way to get rid of the male breasts is reduction surgery.  There are also concerns about possible long term effects on reproduction.
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