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Pharmabuse Feb 10 '14
Has your child's school informed you that your child has ADHD?  Has your child's school told you that your child needs to be on meds?  Do you think schools should be diagnosing children?  If schools receive a kickback for every special needs student on a 504 plan, are they financially motivated to label your child as having ADHD?
Michael Feb 16 '14

Yes, my sons school guidance counselor told us my son had ADHD. I doubt she was even qualified to make that type of diagnosis. She even told us that our son needed to be on meds. I know she was not a doctor, so she should not make recommendations on prescription medications.

Forrest Cunningham Feb 23 '14
Michael, Your doubt hit the bullseye. There are multiple conflicts of interest that involve schools even bringing up the topic to a parent. I have been through the process and came out on top. I now have a civic duty to share all that has happened. They wanted my attention. They got it. Part of the personal story is under the heading of "Our Personal Experience" at my son's website . The people that get approached by the schools most often consider it a "Scarlet Letter" of sorts and they keep quiet about it. Parents many times think there is some type of shame or stigma that their child has been targeted. My son, my wife and I all view it as a personal assault on our characters and future health. We are proud to advertise that we got approached, that we shut them down and that we have nothing to be ashamed of. We openly talk to the neighbors and community and openly state that "The school around the corner wanted to drug our son". If anything the "Scarlet Letter" is theirs. My son's behavior, scholastics and sportsmanship is outstanding. In fact it is so unbelievable to some that I have to show them proof. Junior Olympic Gold Medalist for 2013 and that he is starting High School this Fall. He is presently 11 years old. It is not good P.R.for the school or the district that we live in. All that we did, and are doing, is sharing the schools "expert" opinion. Legally we are squeaky clean. They supplied documentation to us that incriminates themselves in the public eye. We are more than happy to share it with the world. One note sent home by Forrest's 1st grade teacher even states that my son, at age six, yelled "I Love Satan"! No, I am not making this up and I have it scanned with the teachers signature attached at our website. Some will stop at nothing once they target a little boy or girl. Your family is very fortunate to have someone like you that has good instincts and knows when someone has crossed the line by trying to invade their home or child's brain chemistry.
Pharmabuse Feb 24 '14
Forrest, congratulations on being able to shutdown the ADHD gestapo at your son's school.
Forrest Cunningham Feb 25 '14
I shut it down concerning MY family. The school district is still secretly approaching families with this insane nonsense. I periodically put out a sign in front of my house. To get to the school around the corner many people have to drive by my house. I gave some friends the same sign and I see them posted near schools in the district periodically. They are professionally made. They state in bold letters "SCHOOLS DRUGGING KIDS?". I make sure this gets done around the time of the Parent Teacher Conferences. That is the "convenient" time for teachers to assault parents with this agenda. I have received several thank yous from parents and a couple from teens in the area. No one challenges me. Sad thing is there must be parents who fell for this scam and now their medicated kids see the opposing info that is out there now. Must be embarrassing. I don't think they are bad parents. Just uninformed. Eventually the kids find out on their own that "The Emporer isn't wearing any clothes". I would rather cause some topics for discussion at dinner tables, and possibly be ostracized, than look the other way while something like this could happen. Horrible story at this website. My heart goes out to this family.