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Pharmabuse Aug 14 '14
A discussion for parents who have lost custody of their child(ren) for questioning a psychiatric diagnosis, or opposing psychotropic drugging of their child(ren).
Michael Aug 14 '14
I'm one of "Those Parents"  Because I stood up against the mental health professionals who advise the family courts favoring medicating kids, i'm viewed as a bad parent because I don't want to medicate my child for ADHD when he was on Honor Roll without the medication for (4) consecutive quarters. This logic is wrong the family court system is broken in many ways. In my opinion fighting the family court system and winning. One must be extremely wealthy, chose the proper legal team and willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater masses. 
Pharmabuse Dec 21 '14
You're not alone, Mike. After a mail-order diagnosis of ADHD (psychologist had not even met with my son for 7 months before diagnosing him via e-mail), my son got 3 A's and 3 B's for 3 consecutive quarters. He was later "undiagnosed" with ADHD by a psychiatrist. The "diagnosis" or not is based solely on what the teachers mark on their forms. Stay tuned for "Alphabet Kids," an upcoming documentary exposing institutional bias within schools to diagnose children with mental disorders as a by-product of performance-based pay for teachers. Psychiatry should add ERS (Empty Room Syndrome) to the DSM. Checklist for self-diagnosis...

1) Was your child hastily diagnosed with a mental disorder?
2) Does your child do well in school?
3) Has your child been undiagnosed with a mental disorder?
4) Did you have parental concerns about your child being medicated with potentially dangerous psychotropic drugs for a non-existent mental disorder?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from ERS. Ask your doctor if medication would be helpful for you.

If you are alive, breathing, have a heartbeat, a habit of eating two to three times a day, sleep at night, drive a car, etc. then this medication may not be right for you.  
parent1900 Dec 21 '14
Looking forward to the release of alphabet kids,,,, expose the reality of how a parent losses there rights threw the school system influence, turn this madness around. A parent should never loose there rights because they dont want to take the risk involved with adhd meds.

The 'RISK' of ADHD medications...I know all too well the risks. 

At 12 1/2 I lost a beautiful and incredibly gifted and talented son to suicide...

the death count has continued to go up as the FDA posted warnings of suicidal ideation in 2004...a year after my precious boy frustratingly took his own life. 

My healing will come about from slowly sharing a tragic family story of 'altered metabolizers'. 

I must thank Dr. Yolande Lucire for her genuine compassion to fight this good fight despite the naysayers who do their best to attack her at ever corner. 

Dr.Lucire is one of my greatest HEROS! 

She has much to share with the world...

the world willing to listen to a brilliant woman who will leave this world with a clear conscience