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Family court is strewn with loss of parental rights due to a complex family court system that entraps the parents into a very tightly knit system of money hungry professionals. Family court is where money rules and parents lose.  In addition to the costs of an attorney for the divorce proceedings, parents are finding themselves expending thousands and tens of thousands of dollars on additional professionals who are insinuated into their cases. Those professionals include Child Custody Supervisors, Parent Coordinators, Court-Appointed Psychologists and Guardian Ad Litems.


It is a rare case when one or more of these professionals are not introduced to the case. At times, there are more added to the roster.  Depending on the disagreements the parents have and, therefore, bring into court, the Judge is already prepared with a list of professionals that he will choose to intervene between both parents, who will lengthen the case and increase the expenditures.  Parents, who have been through this, are very familiar with it and have suffered greatly. Some have even lost their ability to parent their child with no legitimate cause.


The adjunct issues in divorce, such as visitation, custody, and decisions regarding the child’s education and medical care, are being given into the hands of court appointed professionals who have a “rubber stamp” attitude towards the issues.  When it comes to the subjects of education and medical care, too often one of the two parents is forwarding the idea that the child has a learning or behavioral problem and the other parent is not in favor of the mainstream option of psychiatric intervention and the use of psychiatric drugs.  This contentious issue is one that is difficult to argue about within divorce court.  It most always leads to the child being diagnosed with a mental health disorder and being placed on the drugs. 


Fox News, in a report titled, “Documentary ‘Divorce Corp’ exposes corruption in family courts.  The news report delves into the $50 billion a year industry of family court across our nation. The money brought in through the courts that lines the pockets of individual professionals are reported to be more than all other court systems combined.


Joseph Sorge who went through his own divorce and custody battle made the documentary, being discussed.  Luckily the film does present solutions. Mr. Sorge is suggesting that we look towards the Scandinavian model of divorce and custody, “whereby the onus is on the parents to mediate and sort out the issue with little legal interference or dragged-out proceedings”.


If only we could, as advocates and citizens, appeal to the legislators throughout the nation, to recognize that it is the families who are suffering at the current system in place within family court.  From the Fox News report on Sorge’s film, we get this description: “Family courts are a dark corner of the judicial system where fiefdoms and tyrants still thrive, where the supreme law of the land is routinely ignored, where children are taken hostage for profit, and where lives are destroyed as a matter of course. We knew we had to shine a light on these injustices.”


It could not have been better said, as when you search the Internet for “abuse in family court” or “parental rights”, or similar searches, you will find forums where parent after parent is expressing their heartbreak and ineffectiveness in the face of family court proceedings.  The last few decades has seen the family court arena morph into a racket of sorts, whereby the individual families are further torn apart and marred for life. Most definitely emotionally and financially they are drained of all resources. The more adjunct issues, the larger the toll it takes.


Advocates are banding together to try to help parents in the throws of these injustices.  The best-case scenario is to work all issues out, prior to ever stepping into family court. Aside from this best-case scene, advocates are available to do all they can to assist parents with factual information that can be used to assert their stance and their rights to parent their child and care for their well being.