Drawing Inspiration From an American Hero: Jeremy Glick from Pharmabuse's blog

Remember when others hijack your family, their misdeeds do not define you.  What defines you is what you do when it counts.  Jeremy Glick, a former national judo champion, was on United Flight 93 to fulfill his divine purpose.  His life was in preparation for that moment.  His selfless actions saved countless others.  So instead of sinking into self-pity over the hand you've been dealt, be grateful for the opportunity to bring your family's hijackers down before they can hurt countless others.  Every second counts.  What are you going to do with your time?  What are you going to do to help other children and families whose lives have been hijacked by pharmaceutical company greed, mental health industry chicanery, and institutionalized chemical restraint in public schools, child welfare services, and family/dependency courts?  What special skills do you bring to the struggle that can benefit others?  Dig deep, and do your part.  This is your time.

Jeremy Glick: American Hero

On September 11, 2001, Jeremy Logan Glick, 31, reluctantly left his Hewitt, New Jersey home on business as a sales manager with Vividence, Inc., a Web management company. He relished every moment he had with his three-month old daughter, Emerson, and wife, Lyz. One of six siblings raised in Oradell, New Jersey, Jeremy graduated from the University of Rochester and married his high school sweetheart. When confronted with the hijack situation on Flight 93, Glick phoned his wife. She recalls him calmly describing the terrorists and their threats. Glick, a former national collegiate judo champion and black belt, spoke to Lyz of plans being made by the passengers and crew to rush the terrorists. As their call ended, Glick told his wife he loved her and needed her to be happy.

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